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TCC Terms to Know

Online admission application for TCC. You need a valid social security number and an active email address to apply.

Community & Industry Education (CIE)
CIE is our continuing education division. CIE courses are not offered for college credit but, in many cases, award continuing education units (CEUs).

Dual Credit Program
Courses allow you to earn college credit while attending high school, beginning as early as your junior year.

FTIC Student
First-Time-in-College student. Even if you were enrolled in a dual-credit program in high school and then graduated, you are still considered a FTIC student when you enroll as a full-time student at TCC.

Our online student portal where you can, for example, see announcements, access

New Student Group Advisement

NSONew Student Orientation

Online Readiness
A tool that helps you determine if distance learning and/or learning in a technology-rich environment will be a good fit for you. You answer questions and complete a few activities. You must take Online Readiness before you can register for an Internet-delivered course.

Open Registration
Scheduled registration period when any student can register for classes.

PAA (Pre-Assessment Activity)
Presentation that new students are required to attend before they take the TSI (Texas Success Initiative) Assessment.

Priority Registration
(fall and spring terms) A scheduled period when—if you qualify—you can register for class before registration is opened to all students.

At TCC, if you are currently enrolled in the fall term, you are eligible for priority in the following spring term; if you are currently enrolled in the spring term, you are eligible for priority in the following fall. A date for priority registration is assigned based on the number of TCC hours you have earned, including developmental courses and credit by exam/experience.

Refund Selection Kit
How you receive refunds. TCC has partnered with BankMobile Disbursements® (formerly known as Higher One®) since October 2012 to give you multiple convenient ways to receive refunds.

Success Coach
FTIC (First-Time-in-College) advisor

Web interface through which you manage a number of enrollment-related activities, such as:

  • Register for classes
  • Pay tuition and fees
  • Review financial aid information
  • Apply for graduation

Updated September 24, 2018