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Financial Aid Maximum Time Frame Appeal Request

The maximum time frame limit is when you've attempted 150% of the credits needed to complete your program at TCC; this limit could also be reached if you're returning for an additional associate degree/certificate. At this point, you are no longer eligible for financial aid. 

However, you may submit a Maximum Time Frame Appeal to explain your situation if you have a valid circumstance.

What is considered a valid circumstance?

Examples of valid circumstances include but are not limited to:

  • Illness
  • Injury
  • loss of job
  • Additional degree
  • Change of career/major
  • Need for retraining

What should I know before starting my Maximum Time Frame Appeal?

Before you submit an appeal, make sure you have:

  • Submitted all official grade transcripts from previously attended institutions to theAdmissions and Records Office to be evaluated.
  • Completed your FAFSA and submitted all required documents for the appropriate year.
  • Confirmed that the Admissions and Registrar Office has the correct/updated academic program and catalog year on file.

Also Know

  • While ineligible for financial aid, you are responsible for all educational expenses. Courses not paid by the payment due date may be dropped if you have not set up a payment option.
  • A Maximum Time Frame Appeal will not waive or absolve any outstanding balances. Any outstanding balances must be paid in full prior to submitting your Maximum Time Frame Appeal.
  • If you have a prior bachelor’s degree, you are not Pell eligible but may be eligible for state programs, federal work-study, scholarships, and student loans.

What needs to be included in my Maximum Time Frame Appeal?

There are two main items to include in your appeal: a personal statement and your degree audit with relevant documentation.

Personal Statement

You are expected to analyze and evaluate your circumstances to determine which circumstance below applied to you. 

Students who have not completed an associate degree or certificate

Use an essay format to answer the following questions:

  • What has prevented you from completing your degree within the maximum time frame?
  • What academic program do you plan on completing at TCC?
  • What is your long term academic and career goals and how will you achieve them?

Students who have obtained a prior degree and are returning for an additional degree or certificate

Use an essay format to answer the following questions:

  • How will an additional TCC degree benefit you in your educational or professional goals?
  • What academic program do you plan on completing at TCC?
  • What are your long term academic and career goals and how will you achieve them?

Degree Audit and Relevant Documentation

You should include a copy of your TCC degree audit and your specialized admissions acceptance letter, if applicable. (i.e. nursing, dental hygiene, radiologic technology, etc.)

How do I submit my Maximum Time Frame Appeal?

Select one of the submission methods listed below to submit your appeal to Student Financial Aid Services. Only one method may be used to submit your appeal. Additional or duplicate submissions are subject to denial.

Communication regarding the status of your appeal will be sent via your TCC e-mail account.


To ensure expedited processing, complete the online Financial Aid Maximum Time Frame Appeal form.

Personal statement and documentation must be attached at time of submission.


Email your documents to


Fax your documents to your home campus:

  • Northeast: 817-515-0504
  • Northwest: 817-515-0575
  • South: 817-515-0561
  • Southeast: 817-515-0803
  • Trinity River: 817-515-0705

Postal Mail

Mail your documents to Student Financial Aid Services on your home campus:

What happens after I submit my Maximum Time Frame Appeal?

Allow up to 10 business days for processing. During peak enrollment periods, review of your appeal may take more than 10 business days.

After your appeal has been reviewed, you'll be notified through your TCC email account regarding any additional information that may be needed, further instructions on what comes next, or a confirmation letter that your appeal has been approved or denied.

If my Maximum Time Frame Appeal is approved, when can I review my financial aid?

Once you have been awarded, you will be able to view your award notice in your MyTCCTrack account.

  1. Log into MyTCCTrack.
  2. Select Financial Aid.
  3. Ensure that you are viewing the correct academic year under Select an Award Year.
  4. Use the Financial Aid navigation menu to find and select Award Letter.

If my Maximum Time Frame Appeal is approved, when will my financial aid be disbursed?

Financial aid disbursements occur approximately 7-10 business days before the first day of class(es).

Refunds are processed by TCC's third-party disbursement company, BankMobile. You will be invited to select your refund preference following receipt of your award notice or class registration. Financial aid funds may be delayed if a refund preference is not selected.

If your class(es) has begun and you have already selected a BankMobile preference, please allow 7-10 business days to receive financial aid funds.

If you previously had student loans awarded and they have been canceled, complete a new loan request through the financial aid area of MyTCCTrack.

What happens if my Maximum Time Frame Appeal is denied?

If your initial appeal request is denied, you may submit a new statement with additional information to the campus to be reviewed by the District Director of Student Financial Aid Services.

Updated June 10, 2021