Aviation Maintenance Technology

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Aviation technicians perform the maintenance and repairs that keep aircraft in top operating condition.

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Why Choose Aviation Maintenance Technology?

  • Prepare to take the FAA examination for Airframe & Powerplant licenses
  • Study with our outstanding faculty that includes 5 FAA-designated Mechanics Examiners
  • Learn in our aviation education facility, which is one of the largest aviation education facilities in Texas & has $3 million in training equipment

Prepare for What You Will Do at Work

Aircraft Mechanics

  • Inspect aircraft components for cracks, breaks, or other problems
  • Replace broken or defective parts
  • Follow regulations by conducting routine & special inspections—before & after working on an aircraft
  • Document all maintenance & repairs

Avionics Technicians

  • Test & troubleshoot instruments & electronic components
  • Put together components & install software
  • Use hand tools & power tools to install instrument panels
  • Document all maintenance & repairs

Marketable Skills You Will Learn

  • Critical thinking
  • Reasoning
  • Communication
  • Personal & social responsibility
  • Teamwork
  • Computer literacy

Before You Enroll, Think About:

Admission Process: Aviation Maintenance Technology

Admission to our aviation programs is a multi-step, time-sensitive process. The College registration deadlines and information do not reflect the aviation program registration processes.

Our Aviation Maintenance Technology program typically has a waitlist of approximately 1 year before prospective students are eligible to begin the program.

Start the Admission Process

You begin the admission process by attending the Aviation Information Session, where we will give you detailed registration information. 

To register, see on this page: Attend a required information session.

Get on the Waitlist for Aviation Maintenance Technology
  1. Attend the required Aviation Information Session
  2. Submit the program-specific application
  3. Complete the program-specific application steps
  4. Attend the program-specific orientation
  5. Be placed on the waitlist
Have questions about the waitlist?

Email us at aviation@tccd.edu


  • Tuition: Tuition & Fees
  • Books: $600 (approximate)
  • Tools: $400–$1,200

Time Commitment

Day Classes

If you take day classes, you can complete our A.A.S. program in 2 years.

  • Days: Monday–Friday
  • Hours: 8 a.m.–3 p.m.
Night Classes

If you take night classes, you can complete our A.A.S. program in 3 years.

  • Days: Monday–Thursday
  • Hours: 5:30–11 p.m.

Licensing Notice: Texas House Bill 1508

This program prepares you for an occupational license. However, you may not be eligible for licensing if you have a prior criminal history.

For more details, see:

Need a boost to get ready for college?

Talk to your advisor about Developmental Studies if your TSI scores say you need some help in math or reading and writing.

Degrees & Certificates



Level 1
Level 2



Level 2

Attend a Required Information Session

You must attend a mandatory Aviation Information Session to begin the application process.

Register for an Info Session

We will send you a reminder email 1 week before the date of the information session you signed up for.

If you don’t receive reminder emails after your register, check your junk or spam folder.


Email aviation@tccd.edu

How Much Time & Money to Finish?

2023–2024 Academic Year

Degree or Certificate Program Title Semester Credit Hours Total Tuition & Fees
AAS Aviation Maintenance Technology: Airframe 60 $4,140
CRT1 Advanced Composite Technology 16 $1,104
CRT1 Avionics Line Maintenance 30 $2,070
CRT2 Aviation Maintenance Technology Airframe 45 $3,105
AAS Aviation Maintenance Technology: Powerplant 60 $4,140
CRT2 Aviation Maintenance Technology Powerplant 45 $3,105


  • Tuition is based on in-state, in-county rates.
  • Totals do not include textbooks and other materials.

Continuing Education Programs

Time commitments and fees vary depending on the course.

Earn More Choices & More Money

Transfer to a college or university to continue your studies. Earning a bachelor’s degree opens the door to career and promotion opportunities.

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