TSI Testing Accommodations

The SAR Office provides TSI Assessment (TSI-A) accommodations if you meet eligibility requirements.

How do I request testing accommodations for the TSI-A?

Make your request early.

The request should be done in enough time that you can meet with the SAR Office about your accommodations before you take the TSI-A.

Follow the steps for requesting SAR Office accommodations.

What accommodations are available for the TSI-A?

The TSI-A has many built-in features to help you take your assessment.

  • No timer: The TSI-A is not a timed assessment.
  • Breaks: You can take breaks during the assessment when you need them (except during the essay portion). You can also take different sections on different days or come back to finish a section later. All sections must be complete within 14 days.
  • Accessibility Wizard: Change your assessment to high contrast color scheme settings, which include background color, text color, text size, text font, line spacing and the color of the cursor.

Any needed accommodations not mentioned may  be provided by TCC upon approval.

How do I study for the TSI-A?

Learn more about the TSI-A, including study tips, on the TSI Assessment page.

For questions about the TSI-A, contact the Testing Centers.

Updated January 20, 2023