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Computer-Aided Drafting & Design (CADD)

Quick Facts

  • Associate of Applied Science: 2-year programs (60 semester credit hours)
  • Certificates:
    • Level 1 (29–30 semester credit hours)
    • Level 2 (44 semester credit hours)
  • Occupational Skills Award: 14 semester credit hours
  • Job opportunities: Careers
  • Full program is offered at: South Campus


In our program, you will develop skills in using CADD systems to produce accurate technical drawings.

You will be prepared for entry-level jobs. Plus, you will be able to quickly become familiar with a company's CADD system, technical drawing procedures and products.

About the Field

Those with CADD skills prepare the technical drawings and plans that are used to build everything from manufactured products, such as toys and toasters, to structures, such as buildings and bridges.

These drawings are critical to the production process as they provide visual guidelines, illustrate technical details and specify the dimensions, materials and procedures to be used.

We also offer continuing education programs that do not require you to enroll in credit courses.

Program Options



Level 1

Level 2

Occupational Skills Award

Non-Credit Program

Northeast Campus


Building Technology

You will be prepared to work in career fields that use:

  • Architectural drafting—residential and commercial
  • Structural drafting
  • Commercial drafting

The TCC team works in close cooperation with local businesses and industries to satisfy a need for timely and effective workforce education.

Civil Technology

You will be prepared to work in career fields that use:

  • Civil drafting
  • Landscape drafting
  • Topographical drafting

Manufacturing Technology

You will be prepared to work in career fields that use:

  • Parametric modeling and design
  • Electrical and electronics drafting
  • Pipe drafting
  • Computer numerically controlled (CNC) machinery technology 



South Campus

David B. Taft

Updated May 14, 2020