Basic Fire Fighting

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Quick Program Facts

Program Description

Our basic fire academy program is designed to train and certify you to be a firefighter in the state of Texas.

Credentials in Detail

After successfully completing our program, you will receive a Basic Firefighter Certificate of Completion.

At the end of the class, the Texas Commission on Fire Protection Basic Fire Suppression (TCFP) certification exam is administered. If you succeed, you will be eligible to apply for the Basic Fire Suppression certification.

Licensing Notice: Texas House Bill 1508

This program prepares you for an occupational license. However, you may not be eligible for licensing if you have a prior criminal history.

For more details, see Texas House Bill 1508 Licensing Requirements

Course List

Costs & Fees

Costs and fees vary. Costs are available in Hello!TCC's Continuing Education Course Descriptions.

How to Apply

This program is offered through TCC's Fire Academy.

For information about admission requirements and the application process:



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Fire Academy — Public Safety Training Center

Maggie Burns
Administrative Assistant

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Updated April 02, 2024