Amazon Career Choice Program at TCC

TCC is an Amazon-approved school for the Amazon Career Choice Program.

Amazon Career Choice is an education benefit for Amazon employees to learn new career skills to be successful at Amazon or elsewhere.

How to Join the Amazon Career Choice Program

  1. Explore TCC's programs.
  2. Apply to TCC.
  3. Meet with a career advisor to discuss your career program.
  4. Register for classes.
    • The course start date must be on or after your Amazon eligibility date.
  5. Log in to Amazon Career Choice to submit your payment request to TCC.
    • Your payment request must be submitted before your course start date but no earlier than 90 days before the start date.
    • If your request is submitted a week before the class's payment deadline, contact Business Services immediately to make sure your classes aren't dropped.
    • You may only submit one payment request per term/semester. You must submit a new payment request for each term/semester for which you've registered.

For questions, contact Business Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for the payment request to reflect on my student account?

Allow 10–15 business days for your account to reflect the payment request.

Your student account statement will indicate a Sponsorship of

How do I use my payment request to buy books from the bookstore?

The payment request will cover TCC Plus digital materials, which are directly added to TCC Plus courses. For non-TCC Plus courses, contact Amazon for instructions.

If you have other questions, contact your employer:

Why do I have a balance?

After the payment request has been processed, the remaining balance may be:

  • Tuition from registration that was added after the payment request was processed.
    • If you want to include the new registration, it is your responsibility to email the request to us at
  • Payment request still in process.
    • Allow 10–15 days for processing the payment request.

Should I pay for my tuition before or after I submit the tuition payment request?

Do not make a payment or set up a payment plan unless there is a balance after your payment request has been applied to your tuition account.

Allow 10–15 business days for your payment request to be applied.

What if I don't want Amazon to pay for a course after I've submitted the payment request to TCC?

Email your request to us at to let us know which course you do not want to be invoiced to Amazon.

Updated January 20, 2023