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One Login Project

Use One Login to sign in to multiple TCC devices and applications using only one login credential.

Jump to frequently asked questions about your login or password.

If you experience an issue, please call Tech 24/7 at 817-515-8324 or submit a ticket to the Help Desk/Service Center.

What websites are included?

You'll use the same email and password across all the following websites:

  • WebAdvisor
  • myTCC Blackboard
  • myTCC Email (Gmail)
  • Self-Service
  • Online Readiness (SmarterMeasure)
  • TutorTrac
  • Advising by Appointment (ClockWork)
  • TCC Event Calendar
  • Payment Plan (TouchNet)

How do I log in?

For your first time logging in, use the following login credentials:

  • Email:
  • Default password:Tcc + 7-digit student ID + 6-digit DOB (MMDDYY)
    • Example: Tcc1234567010191

You'll also have the ability to do a 24/7 self-service password reset.

Know Your Student ID Number

You will need to know your student ID number for your first time logging in. Reference earlier email communications or student records to retrieve your student ID number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will all students, both current and new, have to use the default password for their first time logging in on or after July 10, 2019?

Yes. On July 10, 2019, we will be resetting all students to the default password. Both current and new students logging in for the first time on or after July 10 will need to use the default password:

  • Tcc + 7-digit student ID + 6-digit DOB (MMDDYY)
  • Example default password: Tcc1234567010191

Do I use the + sign in the default password?

No. The default password is an uppercase T, lowercase c, lowercase c, your 7-digit student ID, and your 6-digit date of birth (MMDDYY). An example of a date of birth is March 30, 1994. This would then be 033094 (MMDDYY).

Example default password is: Tcc1234567010191.

What should I do if I'm getting an incorrect username error?

If you are receiving an error of "This username may be incorrect", visit What's my user name? to verify your current username.

I received a message that my account is archived. What do I do?

If your account has been archived, complete the account recovery form.

Once you've completed this form and your account has been recovered, you'll receive log in instructions via the personal email you provided.

When I attempt to log in to myTCC (Blackboard), I'm getting an error of "no relying parties found." What does this mean?

This error is typically encountered when you attempt to access WebAdvisor or Blackboard via a bookmarked link.

For WebAdvisor, navigate directly to and select Login.

For Blackboard, navigate directly to

These links should be used to update any bookmarked links you had prior to July 10, 2019.

I can log in to WebAdvisor, but when I try to log in to Blackboard, I get a single-sign-on error. Why can't I log in to Blackboard?

If you haven't taken a course in the last 4 years, or haven't been enrolled in the last 365 days, you won't have access to Blackboard. Once you're enrolled in a course, you'll be able to log in to Blackboard.

You may experience up to a 12-hour delay following enrollment before you're able to access Blackboard.

I can log in to WebAdvisor, but when I try to make a payment or access another application, I get an error that the link isn't working. What does this mean?

This means you've used the same browser to access other accounts. In most cases, clearing your browser's history/cache before logging in again will fix this problem.

I have different employee ( and student ( accounts/usernames associated with my employee ID/student ID number. With One Login, which will I use?

On July 10, 2019, all faculty and staff will be able to access TCC devices and applications, including WebAdvisor, Blackboard, and Gmail using their email as their username, and network password (same password that is used to log in to the computer). You will still have your student account, which you may use when accessing applications as a student.

What is 24/7 self-service password reset?

When you first log in, you will be prompted to register for self-service password reset using at least one of 3 options:

  • Alternate email,
  • Mobile/text recovery, and/or
  • Challenge questions.

Check out Microsoft's article to learn more about self-service password reset. (Link opens in a new window)

When I log in to a campus computer, will I be able to open TCC applications without having to log in again?

Ideally, once you log in to a TCC device, you will be able to navigate to included TCC applications without logging in again. However, depending on your device and browser, you may on occasion be prompted to identify which account you are using and re-enter your password.

For faculty and staff: Some applications, such as insideTCC and Hiring Connections, have not yet been configured for One Login and will be scheduled for a later phase.

What is the difference between the Microsoft Single Sign On and the PortalGuard Single Sign On?

Microsoft Azure and PortalGuard are both tools used for Single Sign On. We are working to make the login screens as close to the same as possible, but you may notice a slight difference between the two. For this phase, some of our applications will still use the PortalGuard tool, however, the credential will be the same (TCC email address for username, and network password).

Updated January 27, 2020