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Quick Facts

  • Associate of Science: 2-year program (60 semester credit hours)
  • Transfer: Fields of Study (30–39 semester credit hours)
  • Job opportunities: Careers
  • Full program is offered at: Southeast Campus


Our program will help you develop creative thinking and understand how things work.

Engineering vs. Engineering Technology

What are the differences between Engineering and Engineering Technology?

Engineering: Innovation

  • Apply scientific and technical knowledge to solve human problems, resulting in the design, production and operation of useful objects or processes
  • Develop solutions for open-ended, complex and unique design problems
  • Develop new methods of analysis

Engineering Technology: Implementation

  • Gain knowledge of mathematics and natural sciences by higher education or experience
  • Implement and extend existing technology for the benefit of humanity
  • Apply current knowledge and practices to solve specific technical problems and standard design problems

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Rachel Zhang, Ph.D., Professor & Engineering Program Coordinator

Updated May 18, 2020