Hospitality Management

Quick Facts

Hospitality managers make sure their restaurant, hotel, or other entertainment venue operates efficiently and is welcoming and comfortable for visitors.

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Why Choose Hospitality Management?

  • Prepare to be an entry-level supervisor in:
    • Food service
    • Hotel operations
    • Convention & event management
    • Travel & tourism
    • Entertainment venues
  • Have your choice of work environment & location because of the great variety of hospitality options
  • Enjoy plenty of opportunities for travel & fine food

Prepare for What You Will Do at Work

  • Make sure the property is clean, well-maintained & welcoming
  • Monitor the property operations & the budget
  • Coordinate all services for events, including lodging, transportation & food service
  • Oversee food preparation & make sure the establishment complies with health & safety standards & regulations

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Marketable Skills You Will Learn

  • Critical thinking
  • Reasoning
  • Communication
  • Personal & social responsibility
  • Teamwork
  • Computer literacy

Before You Enroll, Think About:

  • You need to have a passion for customer service.
  • Opportunities for travel and fine food abound!
  • The hospitality industry can be especially busy when most people are celebrating holidays or are on vacation.
  • Hospitality professionals may work extra hours to prepare for and manage special events.

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Talk to your advisor about Developmental Studies if your TSI scores say you need some help in math or reading and writing.

Degrees & Certificates



Level 1
Level 2



Level 1
Level 2



Level 1

How Much Time & Money to Finish?

2024–2025 Academic Year

Degree or Certificate Program Title Semester Credit Hours Total Tuition & Fees
AAS Hospitality Management-Foodservice Management 60 $4,140
CRT1 Foodservice Operations 18 $1,242
CRT1 Beverage Management I 22 $1,518
CRT2 Beverage Management II 40 $2,760
AAS Hospitality Management-Hospitality/Travel & Tourism Management 60 $4,140
CRT1 Hospitality/Hotel Supervision 16 $1,104
CRT2 Hospitality/Travel & Tourism Supervision 43 $2,967
AAS Hospitality Management-Meeting/Event Planning/Convention & Group Management 60 $4,140
CRT1 Meeting & Event Planning/Convention & Group Management 19 $1,311


  • Tuition is based on in-state, in-county rates.
  • Totals do not include textbooks and other materials.

Continuing Education Programs

Time commitments and fees vary depending on the course.

Earn More Choices & More Money

Transfer to a college or university to continue your studies. Earning a bachelor’s degree opens the door to career and promotion opportunities.

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Southeast Campus

Talia Dancer
Department Chair & Instructor

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Updated March 26, 2024