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Business, Management & Administration career cluster

Quick Facts

  • Associate of Applied Science: 2-year program (60 semester credit hours)
  • Certificates:
    • Level 1 (21 semester credit hours)
    • Level 2 (45 semester credit hours)
    • Enhanced Skills (12 semester credit hours)
  • Occupational Skills Award (12 semester credit hours)
  • Job opportunities: Careers
  • Full program is offered at: Trinity River Campus


Marketing is the science of using analysis, research and market segmentation to identify appropriate target markets.

Marketing professionals increase brand awareness and develop effective advertising and merchandising to promote and sell products and services that meet consumer needs.

Our Marketing Program helps develop your skills in the areas of:

  • Advertising and promotion
  • Communications
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Research and strategies
  • Retailing and selling

We also offer continuing education programs that do not require you to enroll in credit courses.

Program Options



Level 1

Level 2

Enhanced Skills

Occupational Skills Awards

Help Guide Our Programs

Are you a community employer, employee, program graduate or civic leader who would like to help us prepare students with the skills they need to be successful?

Join our Business Advisory Council and help us keep our programs relevant.



Trinity River Campus

Alicia Lupinacci, Ph.D., Chair
TREF 6404E

Mary Virginia Hallak, Career & Technical Academic Advisor
TREF 4129E

Updated August 24, 2018