Construction Management Technology

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Construction managers plan, coordinate, budget, and oversee construction projects of all kinds.

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Why Choose Construction Management Technology?

  • Prepare to be a leader in the construction industry
  • Gain real-world experience through your practicum, volunteer projects & competitions
  • Build a foundation upon which you can grow in a career in the commercial, industrial & residential construction field
  • Experience innovative, student-centered teaching

Prepare for What You Will Do at Work

  • Schedule & coordinate construction processes to meet design specifications, deadlines & budgets
  • Collaborate with architects, engineers & building specialists
  • Prepare cost estimates & budgets
  • Supervise contractors & employees

Marketable Skills You Will Learn

  • Critical thinking
  • Reasoning
  • Communication
  • Personal & social responsibility
  • Teamwork
  • Computer literacy

Before You Enroll, Think About:

  • You need to be comfortable with negotiating with others and resolving conflicts.
  • When on the job, you will spend most of your time working outside or in a field office on the construction site.
  • Many construction managers are on call 24/7 during projects.
  • You may be eligible for scholarships for our program.
  • We have an Industry Advisory Committee that connects our students to the workplace.

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Our A.A.S. Degree in Construction Management Technology is fully accredited by the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE), a leading global advocate of quality construction education programs.

ACCE is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) as the accrediting agency for North American and Australian baccalaureate and associate degree programs in construction, construction science, construction management and construction technology.

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How Much Time & Money to Finish?

2023–2024 Academic Year

Degree or Certificate Program Title Semester Credit Hours Total Tuition & Fees
AAS Construction Management Technology 60 $4,140
CRT1 Construction Inspection Technician 19 $1,311
CRT1 Construction Management Technology 25 $1,725


  • Tuition is based on in-state, in-county rates.
  • Totals do not include textbooks and other materials.

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