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New-to-College Student

You're a First-Time-in-College (FTIC) student if you have never attended a college or university. Even if you were enrolled in a dual-credit program in high school and then graduated, you are still considered a FTIC student when you enroll as a full-time student at TCC.

How do I apply to TCC?

  1. Complete and submit an application for admission.
    • Applications can either be submitted:
    • The admissions application deadline is 2 weeks before the class start date. Submit your application at least 2 weeks before your class start date.
    • Note: You may use ApplyTexas as an alternate online application method but must allow additional time for processing.
  2. Receive notice of acceptance.

What supporting documents do I need to submit?

After you've applied for admission and been accepted, you'll need to submit your supporting documents.

Provide the following documents only if you meet the listed requirements:

Visit the links to learn about the vaccination and residency requirements.

High School Graduates

  • Official high school transcript with graduation date
  • Official test scores from the SAT or ACT, if available

Homeschool Graduates

High School Equivalency

  • Official State of Texas Certificate of High School Equivalency,
  • Official GED certificate from issuing state

Non-High School Graduate/Non-GED Recipient

When will I know if I'm accepted?

You should allow up to 5 business days for processing. You will be contacted via your personal email when you've been accepted into TCC to finish the registration process.

If you applied through ApplyTexas, please allow additional time for processing.

What happens next?

Once you're accepted, follow the next series of steps.

  1. Plan for payment of tuition and fees.
  2. Complete any testing requirements.
  3. Schedule an appointment with a success coach at your campus's Advising and Counseling center. This is required for all FTIC students. Success coaches offer one-on-one help to:
    • Complete an application for admission
    • Answer questions about the financial aid application
    • Discuss all required documents, and where/how to submit them
  4. Schedule an appointment with an academic advisor. This is required for all FTIC students and includes:
    • Test score review
    • Student Success/Texas Success Initiative Plan review
    • New Student Group Advisement (NSGA) and Orientation to College (NSO)
  5. Register for classes.
  6. Pay for classes.
  7. Finish preparing for the start of the semester.

Updated March 26, 2020