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New-to-College Student

You're a First-Time-in-College (FTIC) student if you have never attended a college or university. Even if you were enrolled in a dual-credit program in high school and then graduated, you are still considered a FTIC student when you enroll as a full-time student at TCC.

We are here to help! For questions, contact our Admissions and Registrar Office.

Getting Started at TCC Overview

Our steps walk you through the process, from applying for admission to taking a seat in the classroom.

  1. Apply for Admissions & Financial Aid
  2. Submit Supporting Documents
  3. Meet with a Success Coach
  4. Complete Any Testing Requirements
  5. Meet with an Academic Advisor
  6. Attend New Student Group Advising (NSGA)
  7. Finish Preparing for Your Semester
  • Apply for Admission & Financial Aid

    Apply for Admission

    How do I apply to TCC?

    Complete and submit an application for admission.

    Apply online now with ApplyTCC.

    You can apply online with ApplyTCC (use Firefox or Chrome for the best experience), or use ApplyTexas as an alternate online application method.

    What's the deadline to apply to TCC?

    The admissions application deadline is 7 days before the start of the term. Submit your application at least 7 days before the start of the term.

    Find deadlines and important dates in the Academic Calendar.

    When will I know if I'm accepted to TCC?

    You will be contacted via your personal email when you've been accepted into TCC to finish the registration process and submit your supporting documentation.

    If you applied through ApplyTexas, please allow additional time for processing.

    Apply for Financial Aid

    Apply for financial aid and scholarships as early as possible for the best chance of receiving funds.

    Learn more about how to apply for financial aid. You can also apply for our available scholarships.

  • Submit Supporting Documents

    After you've applied for admission and been accepted, you'll need to submit your supporting documents.

    New Students

    Provide the following documents only if applicable:

    High School Graduates

    Homeschool Graduates

    High School Equivalency Recipients

    • Official State of Texas Certificate of High School Equivalency,
    • Official GED certificate from issuing state

    Non-High School Graduate/Non-GED Recipient

  • Meet with a Success Coach

    Success Coaches provide support in completing your application, the registration process, and your transition into college.

    Meeting with a Success Coach is required for all FTIC students.

    With a Success Coach, you:

    • Review FTIC requirements
    • Complete the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA)
    • Obtain a TSI Assessment referral
    • Set up your WebAdvisor and TCC email accounts
    • Create a MyPlan referral (if your major is undecided)
    • Take the Online Readiness Test (if you’re enrolling in any online courses)

    Get started with our online Success Coaches.

  • Complete Any Testing Requirements

    If you need to take the TSI Assessment or complete any other testing requirements, contact our Testing Services for more information.

  • Meet with an Academic Advisor

    Academic advisors help you plan out your academic and personal goals.

    Meeting with an academic advisor is required for all FTIC students.

    When you meet with an academic advisor, you:

    • Review your TSI Assessment placement scores and determine which courses will work best
    • Go over your MyPlan results (if you set this up during your Success Coach meeting)
    • Schedule your New Student Group Advisement (NSGA)

    Meet with our academic advisors.

  • Attend New Student Group Advisement

    New Student Group Advisement (NSGA) introduces you to TCC and college studies to ensure you have a successful semester.

    All FTIC students are required to attend NSGA. You will register for classes at your scheduled NSGA session.

  • Finish Preparing for Your Semester

    Pay For Classes

    Plan for paying your tuition and fees by knowing your:

    Purchase Textbooks and Supplies

    You can purchase your textbooks and supplies through our campus bookstores or through third-party vendors.

    Visit Your Campus

    Visit your campus to:

Download a visual/printable copy of the New to College student enrollment steps. (PDF)Listen

Updated August 08, 2022