Online Student

  1. Am I an online student?

    You're an online student if you receive more than one-half of your instruction at a different location from your instructor.

  2. Why Choose TCC?

    Learn why TCC is the right choice for your educational goals, budget, and time.

  3. Apply to TCC

    Submit your online application and find the documents you need to apply to TCC.

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  4. Courses & Programs

    Learn everything you need know about taking credit classes at TCC.

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  5. Preparing for Online Classes

    Make sure you're technically and mentally ready to take online classes.

  6. Orientation

    We want all of our students to have a successful experience in college. If you're a first-time-in-college (FTIC student), learn more about signing up for New Student Orientation (NSO) and STSC 0111, a college skills course.

  7. Register for Classes

    Register for classes, and learn how to audit, withdraw, or repeat a course.

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  8. Pay for College

    Learn about the costs, payment methods and financial aid (including scholarships) available to help you achieve your educational dreams.

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  9. Academic Help

    Have a successful semester with one of our academic support services.

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  10. Campus Resources

    Find resources available on your campus, including campus bookstores, fitness centers, food services, parking and more.

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  11. Transfer from TCC

    Find out more about transferring from TCC to a university.