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Provided in compliance with the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended (HEOA).

Institutional Information

  • Academics: Degrees and certificates, career advising and resources
  • Admissions: Records, registration and graduation 
  • Services: Tuition and fees, refunds, support and Vet Success
  • Financial Aid Office: Program and eligibility information, resources and assistance

Student Financial Aid Services

TCC provides individual information about grant/loan eligibility on a one-on-one basis via appropriate mailings. Entrance and exit counseling instructions will provided individually to borrowers and completed through the Department of Education loan website.

Health & Safety

Student Outcomes

General Institutional Information

Student Rights & Responsibilities

Facilities & Services for Students with Disabilities

Student Diversity


  • Cost of attendance
  • Net price calculator: A calculation tool that estimates amounts a student will pay to attend an institution in a single academic year after subtracting potential financial aid. Link will open up in a new window, directing the student to use the State's Net Price Calculator (NPC).

Refund Policy & Requirements for Withdrawal & Return of Federal Financial Aid

Textbook Information

Educational Programs, Instructional Facilities & Faculty

Transfer of Credit Policies & Articulation Agreements


Copyright Infringement—Policy & Sanctions

Tech Support

Additional Resources

Updated March 27, 2023